Domestic Meeting

Each year, the Society holds an Annual Meeting with symposia, platform sessions, poster presentations, subgroup meetings, committee programs and exhibits. Most of oral sessions are presented in English and all posters are presented in both Japanese and English to facilitate participation from overseas. Besides an Annual Meeting, the Society has frequent regional meetings in 7 major regions.

The 95th Annual Meeting (Takamatsu)

March 28(Wed) to 30(Fri), 2018
Sunport Hall Takamatsu
President: Masaaki Tokuda (Kagawa University), Katsuya Hirano(Kagawa University)

The 90th Annual Meeting (Tokyo)

March 27 (Wed) to 30 (Fri), 2013
Tower Hall Funabori (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
President: Yoshihiro Ishiakwa (Yokohama City University)

The 91st Annual Meeting (Kagoshima)

March, 2014
President: Masaki Kameyama (Kagoshima University)

The 92nd Annual Meeting (Kobe)

March 21(Sat) to 23(Sun), 2015
Kobe Convention Center
President: Yasushi Okamura (Osaka University)

The 93rd Annual Meeting (Sapporo)

March 22(Tue) to 24(Thu), 2016
Sapporo Convention Center
President: Akira Takai (Asahikawa Medical University)
                Noritsugu Tohse (Sapporo Medical University)

The 94th Annual Meeting (Hamamatsu)

March 28(Tue) to 30(Thu), 2017
ACT CITY Hamamatsu
President: Tetsumei Urano (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)
                Atsuo Fukuda (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)