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Message from President of PSJ on July 10, 2024 - 2024/7/10


The PSJ『X』was launched! - 2024/7/10


July 10th – Physiology Day - 2024/7/10


Science Topics - 173

A mechanism of middle-aged obesity >>More

Science Topics - 172

Early establishment of chloride homeostasis in CRH neurons is altered by prenatal stress leading to fetal HPA axis dysregulation >>More

Science Topics - 171

The chaotic oscillations of sarcomeres within cardiac muscle cells are induced by calcium fluctuations. >>More

Science Topics - 170

Capturing clues to the molecular mechanism that enables the rapid onset of action potential >>More

Science Topics - 169

Wave characteristics of muscle spring oscillations ─ The behavior of the depressions tells us the nature of the waves ─ >>More

Science Topics - 168

NKCC1 in astrocytes suppresses seizures at inhibitory synapses during epileptic seizures >>More

Science Topics - 167

Arginine vasopressin neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus determine the circadian rhythm period of other suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons. >>More

Science Topics - 163

A specialized mode for PIP2-dependent gating in two-pore channels >>More

Science Topics - 162

Long-term depression-inductive stimulation causes long-term potentiation in mouse Purkinje cells with a mutant thyroid hormone receptor >>More

Science Topics - 161

Molecular mechanism of the constitutive activity in the potassium ion channel complex important for potassium ion recycling in epithelial cells. >>More

Science Topics - 160

Infant cry, sleep, and physiological regulation by transport >>More

Science Topics - 159

“Love burns fat”––Oxytocinergic neural pathway that promotes fat combustion identified >>More

Science Topics - 158

Mechanism underlying conversion from an electrical signal to a chemical one in voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP) >>More

Science Topics - 157

Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Life and Health Sciences, Chubu University >>More

Science Topics - 156

Cerebellar contribution to rhythmic movements >>More

Science Topics - 155

The warmed myocardium creates a contractile rhythm that combines stability and instability >>More

Science Topics - 154

Title Protein kinase Cγ in cerebellar Purkinje cells regulates Ca2+-activated large-conductance K+ channels and motor coordination. >>More

Science Topics - 153

Memory supporting inter-regional networks among preconfigured local ensembles developed through experience. >>More

Science Topics - 152

Synaptic clustering increases the dynamic range of neuronal computation. >>More

Science Topics - 151

HIV uses the host (human) RNA modification for viral replication. >>More

Science Topics - 150

Two parallel cortical streams from the prefrontal areas support response inhibition >>More

Science Topics - 149

Elucidation of the mechanism that keeps cell volume constant through the cooperative action of two proteins >>More

Science Topics - 148

Elucidation of changes in myofibrillar structure and function under deep-sea pressure >>More

Science Topics - 147

Local neuron-microglia interaction in the brainstem induces whisker map plasticity in the thalamus after peripheral nerve injury. >>More

Science Topics - 146

Robust routing of spatial information by subiculum neurons >>More

Science Topics - 145

Loss of Ftsj1 agitates codon-specific translation in the brain and is associated with X-linked intellectual disability >>More

Science Topics - 144

The mechanism setting ON/OFF timer in the master circadian clock. >>More

Science Topics - 143

A method to quantify happy emotion >>More

Science Topics - 142

Contraction Rhythm Homeostasis manifested in warmed cardiomyocytes – the mechanism of stable rhythm and high efficiency of heartbeat at body temperature – >>More

Science Topics - 141

Unconventional role of voltage-gated proton channels in regulation of microglial ROS production >>More

Science Topics - 140

Transduction and coding of sodium taste in taste buds >>More

Science Topics - 139

Synaptic silencing of fast muscle is compensated by rewired innervation of slow muscle >>More

Science Topics - 138

Gastrointestinal neurons expressing HCN4 regulate retrograde peristalsis >>More

Science Topics - 137

Dopamine D2 receptors detect transient decreases in dopamine concentration to correct inaccurate emotional memory >>More

Science Topics - 136

Nobel Regulation Mechanism of Cell Cycle >>More

Science Topics - 135

Identification of Happy Center in the Brain >>More

Science Topics - 134

A mind–body connection in the brain: a key neural pathway for stress responses >>More

Science Topics - 133

Contextual learning rapidly promotes synaptic plasticity at CA1 synapses >>More

Science Topics - 132

A novel sorting mechanism of synaptic currents in the cerebellar Purkinje cell dendrites ― Dendritic excitability plasticity determines the conduction of synaptic current on cerebellar Purkinje cells ― >>More

Science Topics - 131

Developmentally regulated KCC2 phosphorylation is essential for dynamic GABA-mediated inhibition and survival. >>More

Science Topics - 130

Acute cerebellar inflammation and cerebellar hyperexcitability may cause depressive-like behaviors >>More

Science Topics - 128

From circuit formation to the initiation of the critical period:Involvement of different forms of spike timing-dependent plasticity in each stage >>More

Science Topics - 127

Learning promotes subfield-specific synaptic diversity in hippocampal CA1 neurons >>More

Science Topics - 126

Regulation mechanism of voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP) >>More

Science Topics - 125

Dynamic laminar rerouting of inter-areal mnemonic signal during cued recall >>More

Science Topics - 124

External K+ dependence of strong inward rectifier K+ channel conductance is caused by competitive pore blockade by external Na+: how the external K+ ion accelerates the cardiac ventricular repolarization >>More

Science Topics - 122

De novo CaMKIIα/β mutants causing neurodevelopmental disorders upregulate A-type voltage-dependent K + currents in hippocampal neurons. >>More

Science Topics - 121

Defective mitochondrial tRNA taurine-modification activates global proteostress and leads to mitochondrial disease >>More

Science Topics - 118

Optogenetics reveals a causal neural signal for mnemonic judgment in primates >>More

by Keita TAMURA1 (Yasushi MIYASHITA1,2) - 2017/10/30

Science Topics - 117

Unconventional role of voltage-gated proton channels in regulation of microglial ROS production >>More

by Takafumi Kawai (Yasushi Okamura) - 2017/9/1

Science Topics - 113

Mechanisms underlying constancy of energy metabolites during cardiac workload transition >>More

by Ryuta Saito1,2, Ayako Takeuchi3.4 (Satoshi Matsuoka3,4) - 2016/12/15

Science Topics - 112

Laminar module for memory recall in area 36 of the primate temporal cortex >>More

by Kenji W. Koyano1,3 (Masaki Takeda1,2, Yasushi Miyashita1,2) - 2016/10/11

Science Topics - 111

Excitatory GABAergic input from the arcuate nucleus promotes CRH release from axon terminals with NKCC1-driven high [Cl-]i as a novel secretory mechanism at median eminence >>More

by Keisuke Kakizawa, (Atsuo Fukuda) - 2016/9/6

Science Topics - 110

Critical roles of the nanocavity of the K+ channel for ion permeation >>More

by Takashi Sumikama (Shigetoshi Oiki) - 2016/8/24

Science Topics - 109

Partial loss of neuronal KCC2 function by biallelic SLC12A5 mutations causes migrating focal seizures and developmental delay >>More

by Miho Watanabe1, Tenpei Akita1, Hirotomo Saitsu2, Atsuo Fukuda1 - 2016/8/15

Science Topics - 108

A Neural Circuit Mechanism of Perceptual Memory Consolidation during Sleep >>More

by Daisuke Miyamoto (Masanori Murayama) - 2016/8/3

Science Topics - 107

Voltage-dependent conformational change of the cytoplasmic enzymatic domain of voltage-sensing phopsphatase, VSP, probed by the genetic incorporation of a fluorescent unnatural amino acid. >>More

by Souhei Sakata1,2 (Yasushi Okamura1) - 2016/7/11

Science Topics - 106

The mechanism in the brain for motor learning. >>More

by Hiroyuki Kida (Dai Mitsushima) - 2016/6/30

Science Topics - 105

Rectified proton permeation across a single-file water chain >>More

by Yuka Matsuki1,2 , (Shigetoshi Oiki 2) - 2016/6/16

Science Topics - 104

The descending pain inhibitory pathways activate the spinal defecation centre >>More

by Kiyotada Naitou (Yasutake Shimizu) - 2016/4/15

Science Topics - 103

Unveiling the initial events during endothelial barrier disruption: Specific roles of di-phosphorylation of myosin light chain and actin bundle formation at the cell periphery >>More

by Mayumi Hirano, Katsuya Hirano - 2016/2/24

Science Topics - 102

The voltage-gated proton channel Hv1/VSOP inhibits neutrophil granule release >>More

by Yoshifumi Okochi (Yasushi Okamura) - 2016/1/25

Science Topics - 101

De novo Kv2.1 mutants causing infantile generalized seizures and psychomotor developmental delay inhibit repetitive firing of pyramidal neurons >>More

by Tenpei Akita, Hirotomo Saitsu - 2015/11/9

Science Topics - 100

Sensory stimulation evoked late activity is required for accurate perception >>More

by Satoshi Manita, Takayuki Suzuki (Masanori Murayama) - 2015/8/26

Science Topics - 98

Quality control of mitochondria by methylthiolation of mitochondrial tRNAs >>More

by Fan-Yan Wei (Kazuhito Tomizawa) - 2015/4/15

Science Topics - 97

A critical time window for dopamine actions on the structural plasticity of dendritic spines >>More

by Sho Yagishita (Haruo Kasai) - 2014/11/8

Science Topics - 96

Brain pathway that drives psychological stress-induced hyperthermia >>More

by Kazuhiro Nakamura - 2014/8/22

Science Topics - 95

Molecular mechanism preventing KCNQ1/KCNE1 channel from opening >>More

by Koichi Nakajo (Yoshihiro Kubo) - 2014/6/23

Science Topics - 94

Phosphatase activity of voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP) is graded dependent on the extent of activation of the voltage sensor. >>More

by Souhei Sakata1,2 (Yasushi Okamura1) - 2014/6/23

Science Topics - 93

Signal transmission within the P2X2 trimeric receptor >>More

by Batu Keceli (Yoshihiro Kubo) - 2014/6/10

Science Topics - 92

Clustering–Dispersion Dynamics of the KcsA Potassium Channel Coupled with the pH-dependent Gating in Lipid Membrane >>More

by Ayumi Sumino1,2 (Shigetoshi Oiki2) - 2014/4/10

Science Topics - 91

Expression of immediate-early genes reveals ocular dominance domains in New World owl monkeys >>More

by Toru Takahata (Jon H. Kaas) - 2014/3/20

Science Topics - 90

Prostaglandin E2-EP4 signaling inhibits elastogenesis in the ductus arteriosus >>More

by Utako Yokoyama - 2014/3/11

Science Topics - 89

Orexin neurons suppress narcolepsy via two distinct efferent pathways >>More

by Emi Hasegawa(Michihiro Mieda) - 2014/2/25