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News & Update : 2008's

FAOPS newsletter #15

The FAOPS newsletter No 15 is now ready. A copy of the newsletter will be put on the FAOPS website. Your inputs and comments will be appreciated.
>>PDF File

by FAOPS - 2008/10/30

Scinece Topics - 63

Local control of Ca2+-dependent inactivation of Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release in bullfrog sympathetic neurons

by Tenpei Akita - 2008/10/12

Calendar > The 9th International Congress on Cell Biology, ICCB 2008

We would like to announce that the 9th International Congress on Cell Biology, ICCB 2008, being hosted by the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology, and sponsored by the International Federation for Cell Biology, will be held from the 7th to the 10th of October, 2008 at the COEX in Seoul, Korea. >>More


Grant > John F. Perkins, Jr. Memorial Award for International Physiologists

The John F. Perkins, Jr. Memorial Award for International Physiologists promotes cultural exchange and scientific collaborations by providing supplementary aid to families of foreign scientists working for a minimum of 3 months in the U.S. >>More


Scinece Topics - 60

Conformational twist of the pore Structure during gting of KcsA potassium channel

by Hirofumi Shimizu - 2008/6/27

Scinece Topics - 61

Effect of troponin exchange on length-dependent activation in skinned porcine ventricular muscle >>More

by Takako Terui - 2008/6/16

Scinece Topics - 62

Role of cardiac α1-adrenoceptor-subtype signaling in the regulation of L-type Ca2+ channels

by Jin O-Uchi - 2008/6/16

Job > Norwegian University of Science and Technology

A new group (Group leader: Ayumu Tashiro) that will be formed in the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and the Centre for the Biology of Memory is looking for 2 postdoctoral fellows. >>More


Scinece Topics - 54

TRPA1 channel-mediated facilitation of excitatory synaptic transmission in the spinal dorsal horn. >>More

by Masafumi Kosugi - 2008/5/29

Scinece Topics - 58

The voltage-sensitive phosphatase, Ci-VSP is activated in depolarized condition. >>More

by Yoshimichi Murata - 2008/5/29

Report of the IUPS Long Range Planning Committee

Following you will find the report of the Long Range Planning Committee established by Council in April 2005. The committee has worked during the past three years to prepare this report which was reviewed with Council at their meeting in December 2007. We now would like to present it to you the member societies of our Union. Several of the recommendations have already been implemented or will be in the near future, but there are others that will be further discussed at the next Council meeting and presented to the 2009 General Assembly for approval prior to implementation. >>PDF file

by IUPS - 2008/5/28

Scinece Topics - 56

The δ2 glutamate receptor does not function as an ion channel to regulate synaptic plasticity and cerebellar functions. >>More

by Wataru Kakegawa* - 2008/5/16

PSJ English Site Renewed!

The Physiological Society of Japan web site was renewed. >>Go!