News & Update : 2018's

Science Topics - 125

Dynamic laminar rerouting of inter-areal mnemonic signal during cued recall >>More

by Masaki Takeda - 2018/11/21

Science Topics - 124

External K+ dependence of strong inward rectifier K+ channel conductance is caused by competitive pore blockade by external Na+: how the external K+ ion accelerates the cardiac ventricular repolarization. >>More

by Keiko Ishihara - 2018/9/13

Science Topics - 122

De novo CaMKII╬▒/╬▓ mutants causing neurodevelopmental disorders upregulate A-type voltage-dependent K + currents in hippocampal neurons. >>More

by 1Tenpei Akita, 2Kazushi Aoto, 3Mitsuhiro Kato (4Naomichi Matsumoto, 2Hirotomo Saitsu) - 2018/4/5

Science Topics - 121

Defective mitochondrial tRNA taurine-modification activates global proteostress and leads to mitochondrial disease >>More

by Fan-Yan Wei (Kazuhito Tomizawa) - 2018/2/7