News & Update : 2021's

Science Topics - 152

Synaptic clustering increases the dynamic range of neuronal computation. >>More

Rei Yamada (Hiroshi Kuba)

Science Topics - 151

HIV uses the host (human) RNA modification for viral replication. >>More

Hiroyuki Fukuda (Takeshi Chujo & Kazuhito Tomizawa)

Science Topics - 150

Two parallel cortical streams from the prefrontal areas support response inhibition >>More

Takahiro Osada (Seiki Konishi)

Science Topics - 149

Elucidation of the mechanism that keeps cell volume constant through the cooperative action of two proteins>>More

Tomohiro Numata1 (Yasunobu Okada2)  - 2021/6/9

Science Topics - 148

Elucidation of changes in myofibrillar structure and function under deep-sea pressure>>More

Seine A. Shintani1  - 2021/4/19

Science Topics - 147

Local neuron-microglia interaction in the brainstem induces whisker map plasticity in the thalamus after peripheral nerve injury.>>More

Yoshifumi Ueta (Yoshifumi Ueta, Mariko Miyata)  - 2021/4/6

Science Topics - 146

Robust routing of spatial information by subiculum neurons>>More

Takuma Kitanishi1,2 (Kenji Mizuseki1)  - 2021/4/6

Science Topics - 145

Loss of Ftsj1 agitates codon-specific translation in the brain and is associated with X-linked intellectual disability>>More

Yu Nagayoshi1、Takeshi Chujo1(Kazuhito Tomizawa1、Fan-Yan Wei1,21Department of Molecular Physiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, Japan  2Department of Modomics Biology and Medicine, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University, Japan  - 2021/4/6

Science Topics - 144

The mechanism setting ON/OFF timer in the master circadian clock.>>More

Takashi Maejima (Michihiro Mieda)  - 2021/2/24

Science Topics - 143

A method to quantify happy emotion>>More

Tomoyuki Kuwaki  - 2021/2/12