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Science Topics - 158

Mechanism underlying conversion from an electrical signal to a chemical one in voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP) >>More

Science Topics - 157

Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Life and Health Sciences, Chubu University >>More

Science Topics - 156

Cerebellar contribution to rhythmic movements >>More

Science Topics - 155

The warmed myocardium creates a contractile rhythm that combines stability and instability >>More

Science Topics - 154

Title Protein kinase Cγ in cerebellar Purkinje cells regulates Ca2+-activated large-conductance K+ channels and motor coordination. >>More

Science Topics - 153

Memory supporting inter-regional networks among preconfigured local ensembles developed through experience. >>More

Hiroyuki Miyawaki (Hiroyuki Miyawaki, Kenji Mizuseki)